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Friday, January 20, 2012

We're Back in the Saddle Again, Gallup!

Work was completed by 11 a.m. today at KGLP's Gibson Peak transmitter site.
The antenna for the microwave receiver (the Studio Transmitter Link, which is
where our programming from the studio at UNM-Gallup's campus is received
before being broadcast) had a corroded and worsening connection.

It took some time before we could arrange for access to the gated (and locked)
tower complex, coordinate with our engineer and the certified tower climbers
required to perform the repair, AND wait for the weather to improve
sufficiently to allow vehicles up to the mountain top.

Most listeners in the Gallup area should now be receiving a strong, clear
signal from KGLP at 91.7 fm.

This whole process has been a bit like herding cats, but I am very pleased
with the results, and am VERY thankful to everyone who helped with this
repair, including Ted Foster and Mary Ann Armijo of Clear Channel, Keith
Desautels and Sammy C of Millenium Media, Willis, Steve, and Melvyn of The
Electronic Center, who did the work on the tower, and of course KGLP's loyal
members and long-time listeners who have been very patient as we returned
Gallup Public Radio to full function.


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