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Thursday, January 5, 2012

international news

Did you hear?
Youssou N'Dour has never been afraid to voice his political opinion in his music and beyond. Now legendary Senegalese singer has announced that he plans to run for president against Senegal's 85-year old incumbent Abdoulaye Wade, who is seeking a third term. 
British cartoonist Ronald Searle, best known for creating the fictional girls’ school St. Trinian’s, has died at age 91.
British graphic artist Ronald Searle died at the age of 91. Searle was the author of the St. Trinian’s series and was an illustrator for many news publications.
If the Arab League can't stop the crackdown, who will?
The Arab League will hold an emergency meeting Saturday to decide whether to pull its monitors from Syria amid continued violence. If the Arab League recalls its monitors, international pressure on Syria would mount.
The Taliban have reached a deal with the Persian Gulf state of Qatar, which will allow them to open a political office there. The move would seem to indicate that the Taliban have agreed to enter into negotiations with the Afghan government to reach some sort of end to the violence.
The Taliban are expected to enter negotiations with the U.S.-supported Afghan government, and the first step was their decision this week to open a liaison office in Qatar. The Taliban will appoint a representative to the office

Paraguay Returns Land to Indigenous Peoples of Northern Chaco

Article here…
While the world was distracted by Attawapiskat, another desperate cry for help was getting little notice in remote northern Ontario, where addiction to the prescription drug OxyContin is devastating reserves.
IMRU Radio shared a link.
A gay computer pioneer whose skills helped the Allies decrypt Nazi codes during WWII will be celebrated on a postage stamp in the U.K.

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