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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gallup area news


Navajo Nation scholarship office announced today that there will be a delay in scholarship and financial aid payments for Spring 2012.

Reporter Noel Smith is working on a story about this issue and would like to hear from students who will be impacted by the delay.

Contact Noel at 928-871-1139 or

DEADLINE is Wednesday Jan 4th at 10am
Had to take Koshare to Aerco for repairs. Seems it's using a LOT of fuel while flying. It's definately not the parachute not sealing properly, so what do you think?
Congrats go out to Peter Procopio and Colleen Marchand of Red Rock Balloon Rally, their new grandaughter was born on new year's eve.
Congrats also go out to Bill Lee and Bill Noe for a photo from Monument Valley 2011 being used in the Navajo Times for this year's upcoming event. They will be returning as pilots in 2012. The event is February 24-26. Check out for more information
The Mission of the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department is to protect, preserve and manage tribal parks, monuments and recreation areas for the perpetual enjoyment and benefit of the Navajo Nation – the spectacular landscapes, buttes, canyons, clean air, diversity of plants and wildlife . . .

Caregiving on the Rez shared a link.
Create a free of charge, private, web-based community to organize family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues - a family’s circles of community - during times of need. Easily coordinate activities and manage volunteers with our intuitive group calendar.
Cornelio Ramirez must go through four treatments of dialysis a day because of his failing kidneys.

Meat on the hoof?

New legislation provides 'window of opportunity' for horse slaughter
A Rottweiler pup looks up from its feast on a dead horse Dec. 5 in Iyanbito, N.M. An estimated 60,000 feral horses roam the Navajo Nation, in danger of starving to death or being hit by cars and becoming food for feral dogs. A recent change in federal law could open the door for a horse slaughtering...


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