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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Gallup Herald
GMCS has already announced a 2 hour delay for all of Gallup McKinley County Schools for tomorrow, Wednesday February 15

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Trainings for Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy Federal Funding Scheduled

Trainings for Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy
Federal Funding Scheduled
Information on programs and application requirements to be explained
(February 9, 2011, Albuquerque, NM) USDA Rural Development State Director
Terry Brunner announced today that during the next few weeks, USDA Rural
Development will host free trainings on obtaining loan guarantees and grants
for renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvement projects.

In making the announcement, Brunner said, “We’re hosting the trainings
because we believe that the State of New Mexico has an untapped source of
energy projects that can be successful under these programs.”  Brunner
added, “We want to make sure that rural small businesses and agriculture
producers know how to apply for this financial support, which will make their
business more competitive and more energy efficient.”

The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) offers financial help to
agricultural producers and rural small businesses (no residences) to purchase
and install renewable energy systems and make energy efficiency improvements.
Grant funds are also available for renewable energy feasibility studies.

Renewable energy systems include biofuels, wind, solar, geothermal,
hydrogen-based projects and anaerobic digesters. Energy efficiency projects
include changing out inefficient pumps, insulation, roofing, lighting, heating
and cooling systems, etc. for more efficient ones.

New Mexicans have been awarded funds to change out evaporative coolers to more
efficient ones at a lumber company in Santa Rosa, to install solar panels to
make electricity that runs irrigation pumps at a pecan farm in Roswell, and to
install solar panels at a storage unit business in Deming.

Each workshop covers the same information except for the application workshop
in Albuquerque, where staff will give step by step details on the REAP

The workshops will be in the following communities:

February 9, 2012
Silver City 10:00 AM – Noon
City Hall Annex
1203 North Hudson/1st Floor Conf Room
Silver City, NM 88061

February 14, 2012
Farmington 10:00 AM – Noon
Quality Center for Business, San Juan College
5101 College Blvd
Farmington, NM  87402

February 15, 2012
Santa Fe 10:00 AM – Noon
Porter Hall, Wendell Chino Bldg
1220 S. St Francis Dr
Santa Fe, NM  87505

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Roswell 1:15pm-2:15pm
1600 South East Main St
Roswell, NM  88202-6000   


Although attendance is free an RSVP is appreciated so plans can be made for
adequate seating and handouts. Also if you RSVP and there is a cancellation
due to weather you will be called and notified of the postponement. 

To make an RSVP or to get more information on the trainings please contact Ms.
Kim Giang, USDA Rural Development at 505.761.4953 or .

For more information on these and all USDA Rural Development business and
cooperative programs, visit

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

international news

PRI Public Radio International shared a link.
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Perhaps the most infamous war crime case to come out of the Iraq war ended with almost a whimper. None of the Marines charged ended up facing serious punishment. Arun Rath looks at what the legal rulings mean for the soldiers on the ground and the civilians live among them.
As the United Nations, the Arab League and western nations fail to reach a plan for action to protect Syrian people being attacked by the army of President Bashar Al-Assad, Russian leaders say Syria is ready to negotiate with protesters. But protesters say they won't negotiate until Assad is gone — and they say they're paying the price in bodies.
As the United Nations, the Arab League and western nations fail to reach a plan for action to protect Syrian people being attacked by the army of President Bashar Al-Assad, Russian leaders say Syrian is ready to negotiate with protesters.

Get Out Your Shades for the Brilliant Algonquin Snow Moon

Article here...

National News

The Dawes Act Started the U.S. Land-Grab of Native Territory

Article here...
In a Texas town of 1,100 people, the well has run dry. Now all the water needed for drinking, washing and bathing must be trucked in from other areas. But a new report has discovered that up until just weeks before the well went dry, the local water provider was selling off water up until the last weeks before the well ran out.
In a Texas town of 1,100 people, the well has run dry. Now all the water needed for drinking, washing and bathing must be trucked in from other areas. 
The Washington Post conducted a lengthy investigation, published on Tuesday, that found U.S. Congress members earmarking $300 million for projects that in some cases quite literally go right past their front door. And there's no transparency to the process.
The Washington Post conducted a lengthy investigation, published on Tuesday, that found U.S. Congress members earmarking $300 million for projects that in some cases quite literally go right past their front door.  

New Mexico News shared a link.
By Maria A. Flores • Commentary • The proposal to increase early childhood education funding is a chance to make a huge difference in the futures of tens of thousands of New Mexico children. shared a link.
By Gwyneth Doland • News • Majority Leader Michael Sanchez, who controls the Senate floor calendar, told he has concerns about the proposals. He said lawmakers need to “look at this more carefully” than a 30-day session allows.
Only on 7: one Albuquerque City Councilor says UNM should be forced to pay for the cost of all the emergency calls made to campus... Christie Ileto explains just how much money we're talking about. What do you think? Should UNM pay?
Coming up on Action 7 News More in the Morning... A city councilor has a strong message for UNM. Why he says the university should pay the city hundreds of thousands! Plus... the landlord accused of shooting and killing two tenants is expected in court today. The question: is he competent to stand trial? And a woman with a 20-inch waist is showing off her curves. You've got to see it to believe it! Join us for the latest news, weather & traffic from now until 7am!
Tasha Taylor certainly was a little fighter when she was just 18 months old. The little girl survived 20 hours alone in the desert near Deming after being left there for dead there by her father Charlie Taylor.
Right now, the center is slotted to go up just off Interstate 25 outside of town, but residents said they want it in downtown Truth or Consequences.
The House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation directing every school superintendent in the state to work with parents and entire communities on anti-bullying policies.
The House unanimously passed a bill to put a stop to bullying in public schools. Lawmakers want to direct New Mexico schools, parents and communities to get involved in the anti-bullying policies. Let us know what you think about the bill and what you do to prevent bullying with your kids. We might feature your comment in Feedback 4 at 6!
Just back from Augustin Plains water grab hearing in front of the Office of the State Engineer(OSE). Augustin Plains Ranch (owned by an Italian billionaire) wants to appropriate more than 17 billion gallons annually near Datil, NM. NMELC represents 80+ Datil-area residents (many of whom were at the Socorro courthouse today) in their protest against the Ranch's application.

Last year, we asked the State Engineer to dismiss the application. Today, the OSE Hearing Officer heard oral arguments about whether or not the Ranch's application is legally acceptable under New Mexico's water law (we assert it is not.)

Some of today's arguments:

"A water rights application requires a specific use in a specific place. You can't check a box that says "Gosh, I'd like a lot of water so I can sell it some day."" - NMELC Attorney Bruce Frederick

"This application should never have been allowed to be filed. It has put people through a lot of heartburn and trouble. The State should have done its job and rejected it in the first place. The application should now be dismissed immediately." --Atty Sherry Tippett, for several ditch associations

"[The protestants'] concerns about place of use and not enough specificity in our application...are a little bit fanatical." -- John Draper, counsel for the Ranch

The Hearing Officer stated that he would write a recommendation on the case as soon as possible, and then send it to the State Engineer for a decision. If OSE does not dismiss the application, we will represent our clients in a hearing on the hydrological aspects of the case in the future.
The Legislature and a group of Democrats and minority voters are asking the state Supreme Court to overturn a plan for new House districts that was ordered by a district judge.
Fireworks Ban Fizzles. Suggest some alternate headlines for our latest blog post!
One of the governor’s top priorities was tabled in committee today – “dead” in the words of one senator – without a single Republican vote supporting the measure.

There was no movement on the long-overdue budget bill at the state legislature Tuesday.
Are you looking forward to the economic changes in 2012?
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- New Mexicos real estate market is bouncing back according to the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors. Tuesday, February 7, 2012.

Gallup area news

A city-wide electrical power outage in Gallup, NM knocked KGLP off the air this morning (Tuesday, February 7, 2012, from around 7:45 a.m. until 9 a.m.) Soon we will be installing new UPS equipment to replace our aging gear...this will help prevent such loss of signal in the future, though we'll have to take the station off the air while we upgrade. We'll perform this maintenance late at night in order to be off the air at a more convenient time for listeners, and will advise as soon as we've scheduled the maintenance.
Caregiving on the Rez added 2 new photos to the album Filing an Application for the Arizona Long Term Care System.
Local Food in New Mexico shared a link.
grist.orgIn case you think pickling is just another excuse to put Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in goofy wigs, think again.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gallup area news

international news

In Argentina, the Big Mac is the best value on the menu at McDonald's — but only because the country is likely manipulating the price to present a lower inflation level.
In Argentina, try to find a Big Mac on a McDonald's menu and you'll have to look hard. Order one, though, and it'll be among the cheapest items on the menu. That's because, economists say, the government is probably fixing the price

National News

What do you think about Roland Martin's Twitter comments during the Super Bowl?
He's responded to criticism from gay-rights groups over his Super Bowl tweets. 
tune in on Tuesday at 6pm to hear personal stories from LGBTQ Mormons. We welcome author Joe Dallin, and offer his book 'Perfect' as a thank you gift for new and renewing members during our Spring Membership Drive. When you call and contribute to KBOO during Out Loud, you show your direct support for the only locally produced queer culture radio show on the dial. Call 503-232-8818 or online:
Thank you for your support!
You can also include KBOO in your will; donate stocks, bonds or real property. Please contact our development department about these options or other ideas you may have.
National Museum of the American Indian shared a link. was a complete no-brainer, but props to the Atlanta Braves for placing a new crossed tomahawk logo on the sleeve of their new weekend alternates. The cream-colored throwbacks — which the baseball world learned about a few weeks ago …  


New Mexico News

Albuquerque West Siders rallying at the Roundhouse today! Do you think state lawmakers should weigh in on APS' redistricting battle?
Albuquerque Police Department is opening an internal investigation after a video seen on YouTube shows an officer trying to detain a young man downtown.
An undercover sex sting landed four men behind bars. Santa Fe Police spent a month trying to nab the men, who thought they were about to meet up with an underage girl for sex.

Monday, February 6, 2012

international news

China is known around the world as the place that makes the televisions, iPhones and iPads that are in hot demand. Their culture doesn't share the same way, though. But could it? The country's leaders would sure like it to.
China is known around the world as the place that makes the televisions, iPhones and iPads that are in hot demand. Their culture doesn't share the same way, though. But could it?

National News

Great news!
thinkprogress.orgAs the White House considers issuing an executive order prohibiting discrimination in employment on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity by federal contractors, the Williams Institute are out with a new report showing that 11 to 16 million additional employees would gain protections

From Ken Hughes:
“Energy consumption from buildings will increase by 14 percent from 2005 to 2030, the EIA said, down from the 44 percent spike it predicted seven years ago. Architecture 2030 says it amounts to eliminating the electricity output from 490 500-megawatt coal-fired plants over the same 25-year period.

“The new projections mean Americans will save an additional $3.7 trillion on energy...See More
insideclimatenews.orgArchitecture 2030, a building sector research and advocacy group, issued a report last week asserting that the greening of the U.S. building sector is on track to deliver far more energy savings than government officials predicted only a handful of years ago

Where do you think green building will head? As energy cost raise so does interest in solar, or does it>
Dubbed "the godfather of green," Jerry Yudelson discusses 10 trends bound for growth in the months ahead.

New Mexico News shared a link.
By Heath Haussamen • News • Dozens protested outside Albuquerque’s Legacy Church on Sunday while, inside, Pastor Steve Smothermon defended comments he made to about the governor appointing a gay man to office. shared a link.
By Dwight T. Pitcaithley • Commentary • Everyone seems to think Americans are selfish, and only interested in feathering their own nests. In my experience, that’s not true. We all want to contribute to our country. We can do a lot more than we’ve been asked to do so far.
An Albuquerque mother is pushing a bill in the New Mexico Legislature to limit prescription pain medication, but she said her efforts are under attack from medical lobbyists.
Nice work
The Creative Social Network
The 2012 Annual Conference Registration Form that was mailed has a correction -- the Techie Pre-Conference Workshop is FREE (not $10.00), however, space is limited so you still need to sign up. This is the BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP workshop.
· · · 12 hours ago ·
The election ballot for the 2012-13 Board members is in the mail. Only those members in good standing as of January 31st can vote in the election. Please mail the ballot to Dr. Barbara Lovato by March 1st. Ballots postmarked after that date will not be counted.