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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

International News

National Museum of the American Indian shared a link.
Bolivian police break up a march by hundreds of indigenous protesters against plans to build a road through a rainforest reserve.
RIP, Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize.
The champion of environmentalism and women's rights dies at 71.
There are 130,000 candidates running in the October 30 elections for governor, mayor and local councils in Columbia, and more than 10 percent have criminal records.
Drug traffickers and rebels may have been intimidating voters and perpetrating voter fraud during the latest elections in Colombia.

National News

Another first! The first all Native television channel now available!
Welcome to FNX: First Nations Experience Television! Today we made history with the launch of FNX, a TV channel dedicated to Native people and our cultures, events and news. We’ll be sharing authentic voices and stories reflecting the reality of the Native American experience
National Native News shared a link.
Hundreds of protesters have flocked to Parliament Hill to voice their displeasure with TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline project, a $7-billion plan to ship crude oil from Alberta to Texas.
SOTRU Contributor Peter Block reminds us of true reform is, and why it matters.
stateofthereunion.comThe word reform has become ubiquitous in its meaning and uses over the past few years. It is a hot-button topic, and perhaps its meaning has diminished.
Wyofile takes a look...
wyofile.comThat the commission took a hard stance this week against two bad actors is commendable. But it can also be argued that the state is paying today for past leniency
CNN reports that protesters are "screaming abuse" over a little bit of pepper spray.
CNN anchors Carol Costello and Ali Velshi today (9/26/11) provided some rare TV coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protest in Lower Manhattan
‎"Climate denial has been incorporated in the broader movement of right-wing populism." A thoughtful article...
Peter Hart on an NBC house ad: "Chuck Todd is someone more associated with utterly conventional Beltway horserace coverage, which makes it rather strange to hear him talking about asking tough questions on behalf of those 'who can’t be heard.' It’s probably the way he likes to think about his work, but the Chuck Todd in that commercial doesn’t much resemble the actual Chuck Todd."
The Landreth Seed Company is one of the oldest companies in the U.S. Even George Washington bought seeds from Landreth's extensive catalog. But the company is in debt and may soon be going out of business.
Homeless contestant goes from Batavia to ‘X Factor’ boot camp - Chicago Sun-Times
Oh no they didn't.... but oh yes they did. What year is this?
A lesbian actress who starred in TV's "The L-Word" says she was escorted off of a Southwest Airlines flight for kissing her girlfriend.
The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is trying to use porn stars and pornography to campaign for animal rights.
PETA plans on using pornography to discourage the use of animal products, and has set up a porn website.
A week ago, the PRI fans here on Facebook alerted us to the protests on Wall Street. This past Saturday, several hundred people took part in the ongoing campaign broadly known as "Occupy Wall Street," where at least 80 people were arrested. Were you or your friends, family, colleagues, etc at the demonstrations?
For over a week, groups of protestors angry at the power and greed of corporate America have been marching on Wall Street, as part of an ongoing campaign broadly known as "Occupy Wall Street."

NM News

New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce shared a link.
A wide range of panelists, from across New Mexico will represent the various fields of industry, government, and research laboratories.
New Mexico Celebrates Agriculture, Food & Health! The Local Food Month initiative was initially a partnership between Burque Bioneers, the MRCOG (Mid-Region Council of Governments) Agriculture Collaborative and organizers of Food Day New Mexico. It was developed to highlight the many agriculture, food and health related events already planned for the month of October around the state. It has now grown to include more than 50 organizations, businesses and individuals. We are currently seeking support from Albuquerque's Mayor Berry in the hopes that he will issue a proclamation supporting the Local Food Month NM initiative. We intend to seek support from other politicians and agencies in the future. However, we are encouraging YOU to advocate for Local Food Month in your own community! If you or the organization you work with would like to pursue a proclamation in your town, city, county or otherwise, we are happy to provide the already drafted letter, including the list of supporting organizations, as a template. Please email and we will send that to you. WHY? The local food system and the health of New Mexico residents improves as more individuals, organizations and agencies support the growing and distribution of healthy, local food within our state. There are numerous organizations in New Mexico working to preserve our agricultural heritage, improve community health conditions, educate the public, keep valuable food-related revenue in our state, and ensure that all people have access to affordable, healthy, fresh foods regardless of income level. Many of these organizations have signed on to support a Local Food Month initiative in New Mexico. If you would like to support this initiative please email
Via Santa Fe Alliance: Two hours left to buy tickets with the dinner option for Green Drinks on the Train! Tickets with no dinner are available for purchase until 5 pm tomorrow. Come join us!
santafealliance.comThe annual Green Drinks on the Train is here! Join us for an early fall, sunset train ride to the Galisteo Basin and back. The train stops for a bit so we can all enjoy the beautiful views of the Galisteo Basin and listen to the evening’s speakers (still TBA).
Tonight UNM wants to help parents, kids and educators deal with the major issue of bullying.
Ben Ray Lujan shared a link. Fe, NM – Congressman Luján announced today that San Juan College is receiving a federal grant for nearly $400,000 through the Native American-Serving Nontribal Institutions Program.
Animals are cool.
A look at the Arizona monsoon season's faunal frenzy
More than 140 New Mexico convicted criminals were picked up on warrant arrests this weekend thanks to Operation Zia. shared a link.
By Heath Haussamen • News • The judge overseeing the bribery case against District Judge Mike Murphy has dismissed four felony charges because of procedural issues; while lawyers argue over those charges, Murphy still faces a separate felony bribery charge for which he could go to trial

Local News

Gallup Pride shared link.
Gallup Pride will be searching for a new theme for the "2012 GALLUP PRIDE CELEBRATION". Do you have an idea on what the 2012 theme should be? We want to hear from you. This will be another contest that will be on-going starting this week. Stay tune as more details will follow later this week, as we are gear up for the "2012 GALLUP PRIDE CELEBRATION" next summer. The theme for next summer will be announced in December.
HotDeal: 2012 Calendars - Thunderbird Supply Co.

Mold is suspect in building closure
Division of Finance workers don protective gear before entering the Administration Building No. 1 last Friday in Window Rock. A potentially harmful mold has forced approximately 200 employees to relocate.

Wife says PD escalated incident, lied
Last month Navajo police went to a Window Rock residence after receiving a call from a man who said he heard screaming and crying from a house.

Monday, September 26, 2011

NM News shared a link.
By Heath Haussamen • Commentary • Redistricting was destined to end up in court, so maybe the Legislature should adjourn sine die today and stop spending taxpayer money to try to complete this futile exercise. We’re already going to spend millions in legal fees. Let’s get on with it. shared a link.
By Michael S. Sanchez • Commentary • New Mexico lost a chance to pull out of the mortgage foreclosure nosedive earlier this year when the House Judiciary Committee tabled my bill that would have given homeowners a fair shot at keeping their homes. shared a link.
By Michael Swickard • Commentary • It seems to me that TEA partiers are a loosely held and lead group of people who are paying attention to the actions of our elected leaders. Period. They have no problem with calling out someone who is not doing the right things, regardless of party. shared a link.
By Heath Haussamen • News • A judge has apparently dismissed one or more felony bribery charges against Third Judicial District Judge Mike Murphy, but he did so under seal, so exactly what the judge ordered and why isn’t clear.
Governor Susana Martinez’s crusade to repeal the law that allows the state to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants appears to be dead in the special session of the legislature.
‎"This is the time when New Mexico really shines. Santa Fe just had its fiestas, the State Fair is ongoing, and roasting green chile can be enjoyed at nearly every produce shop and grocery."
Fall in New Mexico. This is why we live here. A co-worker said this today, and it has stuck with me.
Interested in what's been going on at NM's Special Session? See Matt Reichbach's updates at
A lawsuit forced Albuquerque Public School’s to change its student arrest policies after a middle school boy was sent to jail for burping in class.
Lawmakers are struggling to end a special legislative session dominated by partisan conflict over plans to draw new boundaries of districts for elected offices.
New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce shared a link.
A wide range of panelists, from across New Mexico will represent the various fields of industry, government, and research laboratories.
Wells Fargo finances $200m solar project in New Mexico
53.5-megawatt multi-site solar project for developer SunEdison #GallupSolar Wells Fargo committed and has already invested approximately $2.2 billion in renewable energy projects since 2006, including funding for 35 wind projects and over 220 solar projects in 26 states.
Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) and SunEdison LLC, a subsidiary of MEMC Electronic Materials (NYSE:WFR), held a ceremony yesterday in Carlsbad, NM, to announce the activation of the first three of five solar power plants in the project.
Southern NM #solar has promise #GreenChamber event to educate community, businesses
#GallupSolar However, the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce is looking to make another green just as popular – (as Green Chile) green building, green businesses and green living.

New Mexico has been rated second best of the 50 states for solar power potential; behind Arizona however, in regard to capitalizing on this usage, the state falls next to last.
Online home of The Las Cruces Bulletin, a 20,000-circulation weekly community newspaper serving the greater Las Cruces area in southern New Mexico.
Solar power plants come online in southern #NM/The Denver Post/
#PRS #GallupSolar Why not build in Gallup NM? The solar plants will help Xcel continue meeting New Mexico's renewable energy portfolio standard, which requires regulated utilities to meet 15 percent of electricity needs with renewable resources by 2015. The standard will increase to 20 percent by 2020.
CARLSBAD, N.M.—Three new solar power plants are up and running in southeastern New Mexico. Xcel Energy, SunEdison and state and local officials gathered at one of the plants near Carlsbad on Thursday to celebrate the activation. shared a link.
By Bernie Digman • Commentary • I’d been thinking of leaving my party for a long time, but held on hope that with just a little more time it would regain some of the standards and principles and ethics it once claimed were bedrocks of its foundation. shared a link.
By Gary King • Commentary • In a series of editorial articles, the Albuquerque Journal has been critical of the Attorney General’s Office for pursuing our legal rights under the Inspection of Public Records Act. Most recently our actions were called absurd.
New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association added 15 new photos to the album Zia regional rdeo 2011. shared a link.
By Heath Haussamen • News • The first 2011 special session of the New Mexico Legislature ended Saturday with no deals on at least most redistricting plans and a looming court battle.
8 Murders a Day, shows how the drug trade pushed the border community to become the murder capital of the world.
More than 600 cyclists pedaled down Route 66 to remember those lost and provide awareness to make roads safer.

National News

DOMA repeal gets first Republican sponsor | Politics Blog | an blog
DOMA repeal gets first Republican sponsor Share 35 Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., announced today that she will become the first Republican sponsor of Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s bill to repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.
The newest edition of FAIR's radio show is available on our website!
This week on CounterSpin: We talk with journalist Neil deMause about media’s treatment of poverty and the poor, and with Phyllis Bennis, the director of the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

How social media empowers the homeless | SpareChangeNews
by @bostonhomeless
Visit our vendor homepage: Learn about the men and women behind Spare Change News and be a part of the empowerment process.
More Homeless Students in NYC Classrooms | NBC New York
A steep spike in youth homelessness since 2008 is putting strain on the New York City public school system.
ABC News finally covers the Occupy Wall Street protests.‎(Tina Fineberg/AP Photo) ABC News’ Olivia Katrandjian reports: At least 80 people were arrested on Wall Street today in the eighth day of protests against corporations, according to the group Occupy Wall St, which reported police used tasers and mace to control the crowd today.
House of Representatives: Official Renewable Energy HATERS hearing on #renewable #energy #subsidies yesterday #GallupSolar tripped $1.5 billion from DOE’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program. TRAIN Act (H.R. 2401 -Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the Nation), one of the most heinous laws to date, which completely undercuts the US Clean Air Act. #CleanAirAct
The Republican-dominated House of Representives passed the previously defeated stopgap spending measure last night
Funk legend Sly Stone homeless and living out of a van in Los Angeles
Just broadcast: "The Incredible Case of the P.I. Moms." What do you get when you take a P.I. firm, then add in a bunch of sexy soccer moms, official sponsorship from Glock, a lying boss, and delusions of grandeur? This week's show.

Local News

National Museum of the American Indian shared a link.
For five weeks over the summer, an all Native American crew of Arizona high school students learned about Canyon de Chelly in Tsaile, Arizona.
Reserve the date of November 12, 2011 for The Mayor's Fur Ball to benefit the Gallup-McKinley County Humane Society. From Phoenix, AZ - Hollywood Yates and his band will be providing the music. a/k/a "Wolf" of American Gladiator fame, PRCA Rodeo clown, 2-time National Finals Rodeo contender, a great entertainer, plus a big animal lover! Tickets go on sale very soon!!!! Check out his moving video for the song "Like Father, Like Son, Like Hell" from his first CD "Like We Used To". What a great song to help combat the cycle of domestic violence!