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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

National News

The Tucson Unified School District voted last week to end its Mexican-American Studies program to comply with an Arizona state law banning ethnic studies. The administration released a list of seven books teachers would have to remove from their curriculum and teachers are also being advised to avoid books that address themes of race, ethnicity, and oppression, including Shakespeare's "The Tempest."
Tucson's school district was told that its Mexican-American Studies program violated an Arizona law barring ethnic studies, but they were never told how, or why. Now teachers say the school district is implementing draconian actions

If you’ve been following the latest moves by the Food and Drug Administration about antibiotic use on farms, there’s a good chance you may be a little confused. The agency recently withdrew a promise to regulate certain antibiotics on farms, but weeks later they issued a new order to limit the use of others.
Late last year, the FDA said it would no longer seek to formally regulate the use of the most common antibiotics in farm animals.

Happy 90th birthday, Betty White. Watch this funny birthday video President Obama sent her.
The president added a personal piece of comedy to the actress' 90th birthday celebration.
Did you miss last night's broadcast of "Custer's Last Stand"? Watch the full film online. Over the years, PBS has done hundreds of documentaries on historical events and figures. Is there anyone or event you'd like to see covered?
TV’s most-watched history series airs on PBS and has a library of over 250 documentaries.
‎.@Pinkberry co-founder beat #homeless man with tire iron, LAPD says
Pinkberry co-found beat homeless man with tire iron, LAPD says
Homeless Killings Suspect Stalked Victims | Fox News
ow.lyThe Iraq War veteran would carefully stalk each of his victims from among the thousands of homeless living in Southern California
Deputies Punch Homeless, Mentally Ill Woman on Bus
Two Los Angeles County deputy sheriffs have been videotaped hitting a woman with unspecified mental health and other disabilities.
NEW BLOG: Read about this photograph collection.
si-siris.blogspot.comThis Blog brings Archivists, Museum Specialists, and Librarians around the Smithsonian to write about their new collections, current works in progress or whatever catches their eye. It is our goal to bring our readers collection highlights, unveil hidden collections as they become online

It's not like genetically modified farmed salmon are awesome, but regular farmed salmon seem even less awesome, if you look at research on their impacts.
The farmed salmon industry deserves closer environmental scrutiny
Find breaking local news & commentary from Minneapolis, St. Paul, the Twin Cities metro area and Minnesota.

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