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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NM News
By Emanuele Corso • Commentary • Privatizing public education is one potential source of new wealth being explored by the wealthiest Americans, who seek to profit on everyone else’s losses and who buy politicians with the same ease that normal people buy groceries.

  • FREE Farmscaping Workshops through NMDA organic program & NMSU. Next one is Sunday, September 11th, 1:30pm to 5pm. Pre-reg required. Contact Joanie Quinn to register or for more details:
    Jane Moorman July 26, 2011 NMSU farmscaping workshop, walking tour planned at four farms Learn how to make better use of nature’s pest management services at one of four free, on-site farmscaping workshop ...

  • Via Save New Mexico Seeds: The Dixon Farmers Market will celebrate NATIVE CHILI WEEK, Wednesday, August 31st, featuring chili tasting (red & green), cooking demos and foods prepared using locally grown native chilies. Vendors are encouraged to bring their locally grown chilies for sale. Don't miss it! Info? Contact Barbara Pollock 579-9199.

  • Via APS Growing Gardens Team: For squash bugs. Mix 1 cup lemon dish soap, 1 cup beer (any kind), 1 cup ammonia in a spray bottle. Spray soil before plants come up, and the ground as they come up. If you see any bug spray the plants but only in the early morning or in evening (not in the mid day because it can burn the plant). Try it- Patty says it has worked for her for 5 years.

  • With bears fattening up for winter, it's time to exercise extra caution in the woods, especially after what seems like a particularly brutal summer:

    What can we learn from a summer of headline-grabbing attacks?

  • Thanks for all of your wonderful responses to our post yesterday! We had our own chile celebration in the September issue. You'll need to pick up the print edition to read Gil Garduño's love letter to chile, but you can see a few images that celebrate the harvest season in this month's photo tour. Please like this post if you enjoy the slide show!

    Take a photo tour highlighting New Mexico's scenic beauty, presented by New Mexico Magazine. The nation's original state magazine, New Mexico Magazine is your one-stop portal to explore the Land of Enchantment.

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