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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

National News

  • Karen Ocamb delivers the top trending LGBT stories, starting with the Prop 8 Trial Tapes hearing up north today. Meanwhile, the jury continues its deliberations in Chatsworth for the Larry King murder trial, in Pasadena the Log Cabin Republicans head back to court on ending DADT. Then, Ben Caron catches us up with Caught, the milestone drama that just ended a successful nine-month long run. These stories and more...
  • On the air since April 1988! In the mid '90s, listening on college radio, I recorded This Way Out onto tape to share it with my friends (before the internet, remember cassette tapes!?). For many years, This Way Out was the only LGBTQ radio show. We thank them for the inspiration, the many years of hard work, and we hope you enjoy their show!
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  • WLRN's Dan Grech on local radio. "You can take bigger risks, have a closer relationship to your audience, and have more fun."
    Two years ago, I was the Latin America correspondent for Marketplace. It was my dream job. But I found that I was frustrated. I wasn’t telling the stories I wanted to tell. It turned out that the ideal place to tell those stories was right under my feet, at the local station in Miami where I was

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