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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Southwest Animal Welfare Spay/Neuter Programs

[Southwest Animal Welfare Professionals]
 Any Horse Rescuers?
There are groups working to help the abandoned and feral horses in the
4Corners area.If you have any resources or want to help, please contact Suzanne
Jamison at:<>
 Connecting Animal Welfare Topics and Issues Across the 4Corners

Why Low-Cost Is Necessary
As an adult woman there are a few annual doctor visits I should be making every year
to be proactive about my health. These standard procedures are included in many
basic insurance plans and though I may have to pay a co-pay, the cost of procedure
is predominately covered by insurance. If I don’t have insurance other options exist
 1) specialty clinic’s such as Planned Parenthood offer annual exams on a low to
no-cost sliding scale 2) grants and no-cost options are in place and can be accessed
through the service provider and lastly 3) a health-specific credit line is
available directly through the treating physician.
This availability of service is one of the wonderful things about our country - and
the people that make it what it is.  If each of us is willing to be proactive about
our health; systems, people and organizations ensure lack-of money is not a barrier.
Read more...<>
Upcoming Events in the 4Corners
Soul Dog Rescue<>
Sept 14-15        Shiprock, NM
Sept 16              Towoac, CO
Oct 27-28          Crownpoint, NM
Dec 14-15         Shiprock, NM
Dec 16               Towoac, CO
Jan 26-27          Chinle, AZ
Feb 22-23          Shiprock, NM
Feb 24                Towoac, CO
March 23-24      Crownpoint, NM

Ongoing Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Programs
Albuquerque, NM     Albuquerque Animal
Albuquerque, NM     Animal Humane
Arizona (various locations) Spay Neuter
Aztec, NM    San Juan Animal
Aztec, NM  Humane Society of the 4
Denver, CO     Foothills Animal
Denver, CO     Denver Animal
Durango, CO     La Plata County Humane
Flagstaff, AZ     Second Chance Center for
Gallup, NM   McKinley County Humane
Pueblo, CO Pueblo Animal
Santa Fe, NM     Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane
Utah (various locations)     No More Homeless

Upcoming Trainings
October 5th Santa Fe, NM
Colorado Animal Welfare
October 4-5th Black Hawk, CO
October 7th Flagstaff, AZ
National Assoc of Animal Control
Officers<> Oct
15-19 Denver, CO
No More Homeless
Pets<> Oct
25-28th Las Vegas
 Visit ProShelter for a complete list of
*Adoption Options is a FANTASTIC one-day training sponsored by Petfinder and Petco -
it has professional speakers and some of the best learning available for shelters
today. I highly recommend! And it's only $10/person!
Mall Owners Stand-up  for animals
[HappyOliver copy]In communities struggling with overpopulation there are two major
factors involved: Too many animals coming into the system and Too few resources for
animals once they're there. Solving these issues takes different approaches. Too
many animals coming into the system is overcome by implementing multiple strategies
including affordable S/N and proactive TNR Programs. In the end, this issue is a
community issue and needs to be embraced by the entire community to overcome it.And
that's exactly what's happening in Phoenix. A business called Macerich which owns
more than 70 malls across the country and nine in Phoenix alone, has ended all
leases with pet stores and instead opened their arms to animal shelters and rescue
organizations.Anyone who's visited Maricopa County Animal Control in Phoenix can see
how this change can have a direct impact on the community. This huge facility 
houses more than 1,000 dogs and 600 cats on any given day. 52,000 animals enter
Phoenix Animal Control every year. 52,000!!!With numbers this staggering, importing
dogs and promoting breeding-for-profit should be outlawed. Lets face it, good
breeders don't sell their puppies at pet stores.
Hats off to the mall owners and the animal lovers that worked for years to make this

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