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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission budget slash

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ALERT NAVAJO CITIZENS - Help Keep NNHRCs budget intact from a devastating
budget cut proposal - Read how ...

Just wondered if you might want to consider assisting our office with providing
input into this legislation.  Please forward to others that might be interested.

Lauren Bernally

See talking points attachments to comment ... and then talk to your council delegate
... thank you for your unwavering support! (To learn how to navigate the web site
you'll comment see the jpeg attachment.)

August 31, 2012

RE: How to advocate for NNHRC’s current budget for Fiscal Year 2013

Dear citizens of the great Navajo Nation,

We respectfully request your direct advocacy and direct input to safeguard the
Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission. It’s the Navajo Nation’s budget season and we
are disappointed to report that the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission is facing
significant proposed budget cuts to its business operating budget for the upcoming
fiscal year 2013 to the extent that your rights will no longer be represented in
local, state, national and international forums.

Overnight, two legislative bills were posted to the Navajo Nation Legislative web
site giving citizens a window of time to actively participate in directly advocating
for the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission. You have 5 days to comment beginning

There are two bills (see green boxes below) we respectfully ask you to support to
keep our budget intact at our current funding level. In your support for these two
bills please state your non-support for the proposed exhibits “B” and “C” contained
in NABIAU-58-12 which would eliminate nearly half of our budget with a cut of
$300,000! *There is no public comment for the NABIAU-58-12 but you may state your
non-support for efforts against our budget when you submit your comments in support
of 0377-12 and 0376-12.

Legislation No.





No cuts

Agree and Support

No cut to NNHRCs current budget but with a certain timeframe which is ok.


No cuts

Agree and Support

No cut to NNHRCs current budget with a $20,000 increase




Disagree and don’t support

Cuts $300,000 of NNHRCs budget

1.       To effectively submit your advocacy go on-line to<>, click Navajo Nation Speaker Naize’s
picture. It will direct you to the 22nd Navajo Nation Council Speaker’s office web

2.      Click the “Legislation” link, and find 0377-12 and 0376-12, click one,
submit comments and click the other and submit comments.

3.      Your act will demonstrate to the Navajo Nation Council and world that you
support the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission’s efforts to protect and preserve
your Navajo human rights.

Attached are talking points to help you formulate your advocacy for the Navajo
Nation Human Rights Commission budget at current funding levels to your Navajo
Nation representatives.

Please know that many council delegates support our efforts to keep our budget
intact as in 0377-12 and as proposed increased 0376-12. Remember both these
legislations maintain or improve our budget level and it’s important to state
efforts against minimizing our budget.


Deadline to submit comments:

Monday, September 3, 2012 at midnight.

Action will be taken on:

To be determined. Keep a lookout!

Visit<> to learn more about

Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission.

Join the official Facebook page for the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission at<>.

Another page has been up and running: Protect the Navajo Nation Human Rights
Commission on Facebook, too!

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