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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

El Morro Theatre "Sunday School Cinema"

The El Morro Theatre is opening their doors on Friday, September 7, 2012 at 7:00pm.  Our show will be a comedy titled, "Sunday School Cinema".  It is spoof of the movies today as seen by a Catholic Nun.

Who directed that movie? Satan??
Find out as we spoof the movies in the new comedy: Sunday School Cinema

Good movie? Bad movie? Condemned movie? If you're confused, we've got the answer.
            Vicki Quade, the creator and co-author of Late Nite Catechism, brings us another sure fire comedy in the hit SUNDAY SCHOOL CINEMA.
            In this comedy, the archdiocese has once again sent former nun, Mrs. Mary O'Brien, to rescue a parish. She's the head of the archdiocese's fundraising department. Tonight, she steps in to finish a lecture series: Would you take Jesus to the Movies? Not only does she have fun with the films you're seeing, but she has her own suggestions about what you should be seeing! You'll never see films the same way again! SUNDAY SCHOOL CINEMA is extremely topical and changes with every performance as the actress portraying Mrs. O'Brien discusses whatever movies are currently running.
            In 1993, Vicki Quade brought to life an idea that Chicago actress Maripat Donovan wanted to perform. Donovan was fascinated with the lives of the saints and wanted to do a standup comedy routine. She approached Quade to write a short skit for her. Instead, Quade developed the idea and expanded it into the comedy wonder, Late Nite Catechism, now starting its 17th year in Chicago, and a national and international hit, with productions over the years in more than 150 cities.
           Each of Quade's shows is used to help schools and churches do needed fundraising. "Schools and parishes throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin have enjoyed my shows as an easy way of raising much-needed money to balance their budgets," says Quade.  Each show also continues the existing campaign to raise retirement funds for Sisters. Through her comedies, Quade has helped raise more than $2 million and "every penny has been donated to various orders of nuns nationwide," she notes. For her work raising awareness of the plight of retired Sisters, Vicki Quade received the Spirit of Benedict Award in 2003 from the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago, and, in 2005, she was given a Partners in Mission Award by the Sisters of the Living Word in Arlington Heights. In 2009, she was honored by the Sisters of Providence for her work to raise funds for their order.

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