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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Local News

Red Rock Balloon Rally is just 6 weeks away. We need lots of volunteers to help crew, and you can send an email to to provide your name and contact info.

KYAT-FM offers 24-hour Navajo language
TOP: Eugene Plummer announces at the new FM radio station K-YA-T early in the morning on Oct. 1, when the new station, found at 94.5, first went on the air. BOTTOM: Eugene Plummer announces on the first morning of broadcasting for new radio station K-YA-T in Gallup.
In the News Room:

October 18, 2011 with Alastair Bitsoi
Navajo Times In the News Room Daily Update for October 18, 2011 with Alastair Bitsoi Headlines: First day of the 2011 Fall Navajo Nation Council Session


False colors

How about some Navajo panties to go with those sox?

Urban Outfitters, a clothing company with stores in 35 states including Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, has come out with a line of products all labeled "Navajo" and using Navajo designs.

Celebrated Diné poet visits with St. Michael students

‎"We're here to listen and learn from the Navajo Nation," said Hemi Rau, an educational leader and advocate for Maori language immersion schools in New Zealand.
The boy's mother said police are not taking the case seriously and are even calling the gun a toy.
Check out San Juan College Renewable Energy Program.
Join #GallupSolar discussion Wednesday, 113 E Logan, Gallup

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