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Monday, October 10, 2011

National News

Sandra spoke at Bioneers a few years ago you might be interested in reading her article on Fracking >> "Best American Science and Nature Writing 2011" - now in bookstores! - contains one of Sandra's Orion Magazine pieces, as well as those of two other fantastic Orion writers. The book includes “Spectral Light,” by Amy Irvine, “New Dog in Town,” by Christopher Ketcham, and “The Whole Fracking Enchilada,” by Sandra.
The latest technique for extracting natural gas trumps every other environmental assault.
Just broadcast: "Adventure!" Sometimes you choose the adventure and sometimes the adventure chooses you. This week, stories that pinpoint when people's boring old lives turn into something wildly unfamiliar. Including a story of one young man's time served in a Chinese prison, and a handful of adventure stories from some of our favorite writers.
As Occupy Wall Street protests enter their fourth week some are comparing the group to the Tea Party. Do you feel this is an apt comparison?
Protests in New York against Wall Street, bank bailouts and corporate misbehavior are entering their fourth week. And there's no sign of stopping.

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