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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NM News
Northern New Mexico residents were shaken up Monday when a small earthquake, centered just north of Santa Fe, rattled homes and a lot of nerves. > 3.8 magnitude earthquake hits Northern NM
The Albuquerque firefighters' union is blasting the mayor for wanting to use $3 million to speed up improvements on the Paseo Del Norte Boulevard and I-25 interchange.

UPDATED: I had to make some major changes to this article due to an error on my part. If you've already read it, please read it again... My apologies.
By Heath Haussamen • News • The judge overseeing the bribery case against District Judge Mike Murphy has reinstated the felony indictment he dismissed last month and set a new trial date of Feb. 6.
A local attorney said up to 200 people may have been held in the Valencia County jail for weeks without being charged for a crime. shared a link.
By Jay Lininger • Commentary • State Rep. Dennis Kintigh’s Oct. 9 opinion piece criticizing the Endangered Species Act demonstrates an unyielding loyalty to the oil and gas industry, a dubious commitment to science and environmental protection, and a clear misunderstanding of the facts.
On Monday, The Wildlife Center and Game and Fish biologists released five young bears into the forest after fattening them up for months.
New Mexicans should get a better idea of the state’s financial outlook Monday, as top budget and tax officials meet to outline the revenue forecast.
University of New Mexico professors are slated to aid the "(Un)occupy Albuquerque" protesters with teach-ins.
The Navajo govt. wants Urban Outfitters to stop using the tribe's name on its new Native American-inspired items. Do you think the company is in the wrong? Get all the details at
New Mexico has been ranked by the Solar Foundation for solar employment nationally.
members.questline.comOur Energy Glossary can help you find the meanings of commonly used industry terms, decode acronyms like a pro, and apply your new-found knowledge to your business.
Muscleman-turned movie star-turned California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is back before the cameras in Belen.
An interesting exercise, given our discussions the last couple weeks. Let us know how you did!
When I took office, I inherited a $400 million budget deficit. New revenue estimates today show that we are now in the black by $246 million -- these are projected revenue above the current spending level. However, these estimates are fluctuating, along with oil and gas prices, and we can't repeat the mistakes of the past. That's why I have directed cabinet agencies to develop no-growth budgets, except for critical needs. We made the tough decisions to get our fiscal house in order and I intend to keep it that way -- no spending spree.
The state Corrections Department is doing a statewide lockdown of the prison system.
Environmentalists want to weigh in on a court battle over attempts by federal regulators to trim emissions from a coal-fired power plant that serves more than 2 million customers in the Southwest.
The next step for a topic we've touched on several times in the past.
The attorney general's office has named the Santa Fe law firm of Rothstein, Donatelli, Hughes, Dahlstrom & Schoenburg as the new special prosecutor.
The Sierra County jail says Truth or Consequences dog owner John Hardiman and his wife were arrested and booked into jail Tuesday on five charges related to the death of a woman who was killed by their dogs on Easter Sunday.
The state of New Mexico got a new revenue forecast Tuesday – and the University of New Mexico could feel the effects.

New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce shared a link.
OAK BROOK, IL Oct. 18, 2011: New Mexico Sen. Jeff Bingaman, and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will open the Virtual Renewable Energy Education Field Day, a webinar planned for Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011.
Albuquerque Theatre Guild shared a link.
 Defendingthe Caveman is a hilarious play aboutthe ways men and women relate to each other. Without taking sides, this insightful comedy discusses the ongoingbattle for understanding between the sexes.
The search for possible David Parker Ray victims resumes Tuesday after a visitor discovered human bones at Elephant Butte.
Local Food in New Mexico shared a link.
bbabq.wordpress.comGirls Gone Green is a group of 5th-9th grade girls who believe that they can make a difference by sharing their passion for saving the earth!
Local Food in New Mexico shared a link.
bbabq.wordpress.comCheck out this 2010 Bioneers Conference closing talk by Nina Simons*, about Third Way Leadership and the "three-day ceremony" that is the national Bioneers Conference. And we'll see you at 'Burque
Local Food in New Mexico shared Food Day New Mexico's status update.
New Mexico to NAFTA: $727,626,390 for all kinds of exports. Processed Foods: $60,602,000. Crop Production: $11,621,000. Animal Production: $6,896,000. About 25% of all New Mexico exports are to Mexico and Canada (NAFTA). Dreaming New Mexico 2011

Via APS Growing Gardens Team: From the Lost Language of Plants: "Worms are like a herd of buffalo under the soil. Most live within the top 18 inches of soil but some will go as deep as 8 or 9 feet. An acre of land can contain 50,000 to a million worms. They literally pull entire leaves into their burrows and eat them: an acre of worms can eat ten tons of plant litter in a year"
From the Lost Language of Plants: "Worms are like a herd of buffalo under the soil. Most live within the top 18 inches of soil but some will go as deep as 8 or 9 feet. An acre of land can contain 50,000 to a million worms. They literally pull entire leaves into their burrows and eat them: an acre of worms can eat ten tons of plant litter in a year"

The Burque Bioneers will be here at the NHCC on 10/21 and 10/22. A consortium of community partners that will be presenting a two-day Beaming Bioneers, an offline, DVD-based version of the annual National Bioneers Conference, along with local presenters and workshops. The conference brings solutions for healing the planet to diverse locales and personalizes their programs to address the needs of their community’s
National Hispanic Cultural Center of New Mexico
Local Food in New Mexico shared Food Day New Mexico's status update.
In NM: Women and Latino operated farms and acreage have increased between 2002 and 2007. White male operators have increased but acreage decreased. The average age of a farm operator in NM is about 60 years old.
The hot weather, combined with hardly any rain this summer, allowed more than half of the wetlands at the refuge to dry up.

Please contact: BEN RAY LUJAN 984-8950 202-225-6190, MARTIN HEINRICH 346-6781 202-225-6316 Your message can simply be: “I URGE YOU TO CO-SPONSOR HR 2599.” They still haven't signed on.
People living in the Four Corners can expect to see lots of smoke over the next few days as state officials battle one of their biggest enemies.

Check out NM PACE: Renewable Energy Financing District Act
New Mexico enacted S.B. 647. on DSIRE.
Note: The Federal Housing Financing Agency (FHFA) issued a statement in July 2010 concerning the senior lien status associated with most PACE programs shared a link.
By Mary Jane Garcia • Commentary • Measuring the success of the redistricting session requires looking beyond clever slogans and glitzy sound bites. An accurate view shows that the work done during the special session was significant, heartfelt and meaningful.

NRG, El Paso Electric and First Solar dedicate opening of New Mexico's second-largest PV plant
#GallupSolar #NM #Solar
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The message to lawmakers was clear, tourism in New Mexico can be much better with out more money.
‎#NM PRC issues new #Renewable Energy Report.
#PNM reaches 10% 0f their RPS production #GallupSolar Check it out.
The Public Regulation Commission reviews and approves renewable energy procurement plans and reports of Investor Owned Utilities ("IOU’s") and Rural Electric Cooperatives ("Coops") pursuant to the Renewable Energy Act ("REA")
Las Cruces Sun-News: Southern #NM taking lead in #renewables #GallupSolar #Solar The addition of NRG Energy's 20 megawatt solar plant in Santa Teresa adds another important piece to what is becoming a growing renewable energy sector in southern New Mexico.

The Wilderness Society: Smart Solar - New Mexico
BLM sets aside Solar Zones near Las Cruses, NM #GallupSolar #NM
wilderness.orgIn the sizzling Chihuahuan desert of New Mexico, blue skies are the norm and the sun packs a punch, making for huge solar development potential in the region. The state’s great potential for solar includes three Solar Energy Zones (SEZs) proposed by the BLM on public lands.
A substitute bus driver faces child abuse charges. Details on
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Police are investigating a school bus driver who they say is accused of physically abusing her great-grandchild. Monday, October 17, 2011.

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