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Friday, May 11, 2012

Gallup area news

Ya'at'ééh FB'er (nijin), Kodóó yee' beeso naadeinikeed, Táá' dóó dįį' Dine Bizaad bohoo'aah anáádoolniił kwiinizin go yáál bee adooł.

Greetings FB'er. We are asking for donations for Level 3 and 4. We need funds to start the next levels, please donate, everything counts.

Ahxehee' nitsaago. Thank you very much.

Breaking News

Flags ordered at half-staff for code talker Samuel Tso
President Ben Shelly has ordered the Navajo Nation flag to be flown at half-staff beginning on May 10 through sundown on May 14.
GALLUP PRIDE 2012 JULY 14th Downtown Square
Interested in vying for the 2012-2013 Miss Gallup Pride Title....Application packets will be available by Friday May 11, 2012. You can download it here on face book or at Gallup prides website @ Please submit your entries via email to If you have questions regarding the application you can call 505-409-4733. GALLUP PRIDE DAY is JULY 14th, 2012. Hard copies of the application will also be available at the Gallup Octavia Fellin Public Library, you may ask for Betty Martin, Assistant Director to the library for the location of the application packets. Thank you.
Amasaní hooghandi nadzah jini. Bitsoi ei binááł na'alkid. Amasaní shii bitsoi neideełkid, "Nicheii shą'?" "Da'ak'ehdi na'ashood," nijini. "Yaadilah oolye," nijini amasaní.
Cities in the Desert Are Thirsty for Navajo Water

Story here…
Navajo Code Talker Samuel Tso is interviewed by National Native News Anchor Antonia Gonzales in Gallup, New Mexico. During the interview last year at a parade, Tso talked about his service in World War II. He passed away Wednesday in Farmington, New Mexico.

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