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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Senate Bill Seeks to Extinguish Navajo and Hopi Water Rights

Happy Wonderful Wednesday Great People! I attended the Water Rights Conference last Thursday in Hard Rock, AZ regarding the Senate Bill 2109. Senator Jon Kyle and McCain are negotiating with the Navajo and Hopi tribal leaders on selling the Little Colorado River water that runs through the Navajo and Hopi Nations. This is "serious, detrimental to the Navajo & Hopi Nations, their tribal sovereignty, and the future of our younger generations!"

Our tribal leaders will be meeting with Jon Kyl and McCain to negotiate (behind close doors) tomorrow in Tuba City, AZ. There will be a peaceful protest/ march starting at 11 am (DST) from the Chapter House to the Legacy Inn- come out, take a stand, and oppose the S.B. 2109!

For more information on how to get involved and stop Senate Bill 2109:

Ed Becenti
(480) 313- 8070

Have a great day! ♥, life, & justice! Blessings...
TUBA CITY, ARIZONA Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain will be in Tuba City to persuade Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribal leaders to give up aboriginal and Treaty guaranteed Water Rights

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