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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NM News

It is going to start costing you a little extra if you use cash to pay your PNM bill.
Gov. Susana Martinez is visiting Mexico for a celebration recognizing the role of her great-grandfather as a revolutionary general a century ago.
According to officials, the mother was able to get away and ran next door with the two-year-old girl. She put pressure on the toddler's throat to keep her alive.
The products in question were sold between October 29 and November 2 at Walmart and Smith's grocery stores in New Mexico.
New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez now says her paternal grandparents followed the law and common practices in coming to the United States from Mexico in the early 1900s, contradicting earlier indications they were illegal immigrants.
The confusion arises from a misunderstanding of abbreviations used in census records that were compiled 80 years ago.
Eyewitness News 4
Organizers for a planned Martin Luther King Jr. center for Albuquerque hope the facility will also introduce area residents to largely forgotten civil rights leaders from New Mexico.
Breaking News: Jerome Block Jr. is back in jail.
SANTA FE COUNTY, N.M. -- Jerome Block Jr. is back in jail. Monday, November 14, 2011.

PNM Charges it's batteries Solar Storage Demo Kicks Into Gear
Projects intended to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the grid.
In a project funded in part by the Recovery Act, advanced batteries are helping integrate a 500-kilowatt solar PV plant into the New Mexico grid.
Santa Fe Reporter - Blogs The first time the alarm in the house went off, I was on the couch, snuggling a novel, José Saramago's Blindness. The stereo filled the living room with slinky rhythms of world beat and jazz-fusion.

Santa Fe Reporter - Blogs Sometimes I feel like I have spent my whole life waiting for something. Waiting to feel better. Waiting in doctor's offices for the results of my unremarkable blood tests. Waiting for a diagnosis so that then I can wait for a cure. Waiting to fall in love.

Q: Tax incentives for small business; good idea or misguided policy? Why?
- Line panelists Dan Foley, Laura Sanchez, Sophie Martin and Russ Contreras of the Associated Press discuss tax incentives

New Mexicans Urge Governor to “Hear the Music” and Stop Polluting
Young Activists Deliver Singing Telegram
Check out the video.
Young activists, lead by WildEarth Guardians and New Energy Economy, deliver a solar singing telegram to the tune of "You Are My Sunshine"

ICYMI: State Senator Eric Griego talks about his run for Congress and the character of New Mexico's 1st Congressional District.
- State Senator Eric Griego talks about his run for Congress and the character of New Mexico's 1st Congressional District.

The 13th annual Día de los Muertos Marigold Parade went down in the South Valley on Sunday, Nov. 6. The Alibi covered it in this week’s issue; here are those photos along with about 40 others that didn’t make it to print. Enjoy....
Source: Alibi Weblog
Published: 2011-11-13 17:00:00 GMT

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