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Monday, November 28, 2011

New Mexico News

Remember February's freeze when gas service was shut off to hundreds of New Mexicans? NM Gas Company says they're taking steps to make sure this doesn't happen again this winter. Christie Ileto has the story.
‎'We're More Prepared', Says NM Gas
Check out this article about UNM-grown food being served on campus!!! "Students eating at La Posada dining hall or in the Mercado in the SUB this semester may have eaten food made with ingredients grown right here on campus, in the Lobo Gardens."
New Mexico state government has shifted to an online system to sort through job applicants in an effort to save money and managers' time
To be sensitive to Native Americans the Occupy Albuquerque group renamed itself (un)Occupy Albuquerque. Now some members branched off and again are calling themselves Occupy Albuquerque.
The new commander of the Army's White Sands Missile Range says he hopeful the base can drive down testing costs so it can maintain its edge with civilian customers.
Jaguars will be the target of an extensive network of remote cameras placed across southern Arizona and southwest New Mexico starting next year.
A good article about dairy industry pollution in New Mexico, and the fight to change laws to clean up the industry. It's an ongoing fight indeed, but one that needs to be fought! From the article: "The dairy industry is New Mexico's largest agricultural sector and an influential lobbying force. Although the state Environment Department has long worked with dairies to reduce pollution, change has been slow: Almost 60 percent of the state's dairies have polluted groundwater with manure runoff, yet not one has begun the required cleanup."
When a giant dairy proposed building near Jerry Nivens' beloved New Mexico home, the chain-smoking Texas hermit became an activist who organized other locals to fight the industry.

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