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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

National News

Another first! The first all Native television channel now available!
Welcome to FNX: First Nations Experience Television! Today we made history with the launch of FNX, a TV channel dedicated to Native people and our cultures, events and news. We’ll be sharing authentic voices and stories reflecting the reality of the Native American experience
National Native News shared a link.
Hundreds of protesters have flocked to Parliament Hill to voice their displeasure with TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline project, a $7-billion plan to ship crude oil from Alberta to Texas.
SOTRU Contributor Peter Block reminds us of true reform is, and why it matters.
stateofthereunion.comThe word reform has become ubiquitous in its meaning and uses over the past few years. It is a hot-button topic, and perhaps its meaning has diminished.
Wyofile takes a look...
wyofile.comThat the commission took a hard stance this week against two bad actors is commendable. But it can also be argued that the state is paying today for past leniency
CNN reports that protesters are "screaming abuse" over a little bit of pepper spray.
CNN anchors Carol Costello and Ali Velshi today (9/26/11) provided some rare TV coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protest in Lower Manhattan
‎"Climate denial has been incorporated in the broader movement of right-wing populism." A thoughtful article...
Peter Hart on an NBC house ad: "Chuck Todd is someone more associated with utterly conventional Beltway horserace coverage, which makes it rather strange to hear him talking about asking tough questions on behalf of those 'who can’t be heard.' It’s probably the way he likes to think about his work, but the Chuck Todd in that commercial doesn’t much resemble the actual Chuck Todd."
The Landreth Seed Company is one of the oldest companies in the U.S. Even George Washington bought seeds from Landreth's extensive catalog. But the company is in debt and may soon be going out of business.
Homeless contestant goes from Batavia to ‘X Factor’ boot camp - Chicago Sun-Times
Oh no they didn't.... but oh yes they did. What year is this?
A lesbian actress who starred in TV's "The L-Word" says she was escorted off of a Southwest Airlines flight for kissing her girlfriend.
The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is trying to use porn stars and pornography to campaign for animal rights.
PETA plans on using pornography to discourage the use of animal products, and has set up a porn website.
A week ago, the PRI fans here on Facebook alerted us to the protests on Wall Street. This past Saturday, several hundred people took part in the ongoing campaign broadly known as "Occupy Wall Street," where at least 80 people were arrested. Were you or your friends, family, colleagues, etc at the demonstrations?
For over a week, groups of protestors angry at the power and greed of corporate America have been marching on Wall Street, as part of an ongoing campaign broadly known as "Occupy Wall Street."

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