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Monday, October 1, 2012

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Monday, October 1, 2012 - Indian Land in the 21st Century:
Now that President Obama has signed the Claims Settlement Act, what's the next step in managing Indian trust lands? The Indian Land Working Group, a nonprofit watchdog organization, helps Native landowners make informed decisions about their land. The group's 22nd annual symposium, October 15-18, will bring together experts to share information and answer questions related to a wide range of issues including: tribal trust cases, trust reform, leasing, oil and gas development, pipelines, land consolidation, and using tools of information technology. What is the future for managing trust lands? Guests include, ILWG executive director Kristin Ruppel, allottee organizer Ernestine Werelus, (Shoshone Bannock), Montana State University remote sensing researcher, Lisa Lone Fight, (Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara), and landowner Helen Sanders (Chehalis), who won a major victory in the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of allottees in 1983.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 - 2012 October Current Events:
October marks the end of harvest time but, it's just the beginning of a busy month for many tribal leaders, teachers, elders, and students. In the weeks ahead, the 43rd Annual National Indian Educational Association Conference takes place in Oklahoma City to help Native communities increase their potential in the digital era. Alaskan Natives look forward to meeting with their peers at the Alaska Federation of Natives Conference and the 29th Annual First Alaskans Institute Elders and Youth Conference in Anchorage, Alaska. October is also the time for "spooktacular" events, what treats are ahead when it comes to powwows, festivals, and rodeos in your community? Join us for a lineup of folks from around the country who are bringing in the fall with a bang.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - Understanding Alcohol's Toll on the Family:
Living with an alcoholic is not an easy thing to do and unfortunately many Native American families know this scenario all too well. The family who lives with an alcoholic is left to handle the day-to-day tasks that can be forgotten while the alcoholic recovers from a night of excessive drinking. How much does a person's drinking affect the family unit? How do you deal with caring for an alcoholic when you know that their life is centered around pursuing their next drink? Did you grow up an alcoholic home and what effect does that have on your adult life? Can family life ever be normal when one or more family members are alcoholics and have not decided to stop drinking? Guests are Margie Anderson (Yaqui/Apache) Talking Circle Facilitator and John Bird (Blackfoot) Project Director of the Circles of Care Project at the Tohono O'odham Community College.

Thursday, October 4, 2012- Tohono O'odham Pit Tradition Against Cartels:
The Tohono O'odham reservation shares nearly 80 miles of its border with Mexico - making the reservation one of the most active corridors for illegal border activity. However, the border isn't just causing problems by putting the tribe in the middle of an ongoing war on drugs and human migration, it has sliced their traditional homelands into two parts, and a good portion of Tohono O'odham members still live in Mexico. This week, many tribal members will make a pilgrimage to Mexico for tradition. Tribal members will have to weigh their safety with religious conviction, and wonder whether they will be confronted with violence. Join us as we take a look at this situation as we hear from the voices of those that are close to the issue.

Friday, October 5, 2012- Native Vote 2012 Countdown (Part 3):
Election day 2012 is just over a month away. Already parts of the country are gearing up to cast their vote for the next set of people who they would like to see run this country. The frenzy of campaigning will be visible everywhere the next month as the different political parties will splash their views on how they think things should be in not only TV and print adds but, also in front of the podium during scheduled debates. So what is going on in Indian Country? Can one vote make the difference in local elections where you live? What are tribal nations doing to prepare the Native Vote? Are there certain places you can visit to get the latest news on the Native Vote? Guests TBA

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