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Monday, August 20, 2012

limiting carbon pollution from power plants

Hello! Did you hear that the first six months of 2012 were the hottest January-June
ever recorded in the lower 48 United States?* And climate scientists say this
summer's heat waves, the wildfires in Colorado and the drought that half the country
is suffering through are a glimpse of what we can expect from global warming.

This is what we were afraid of and is part of why I joined an historic number of
people to speak out in support of limiting carbon pollution from power plants. In
fact, 3 million people have spoken out. Amazing!

That is what the opposition is afraid

But polluters are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to influence our
lawmakers, the elections and the public at large. They absolutely don't want anyone
to understand how much support there is for taking action on global warming.

And that is where I'm asking for a little help from my friends. Join with me in
supporting strong limits on carbon pollution from power

More than 3 million Americans have sent a message to the EPA that we want limits on
carbon pollution and we want them to address global warming. The power of this is
chilling to the polluter lobby because it is so impressive and because even if they
want to ignore climate scientists, they cannot ignore us.

We've known for decades that power plants are the largest source of the carbon
pollution fueling global warming, yet there haven't been any federal limits on the
amount of carbon those plants can spew into our air. It's time we fixed that.

It is going to be a big lift and I want to push well beyond the 3 million supporters
mark, so please join me to support strong limits on carbon pollution from power
plants<>. Thanks!




Randall Hoskie,
Rancid-Savage Productions

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