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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Mexico News shared a link.
By Maria A. Flores • Commentary • The proposal to increase early childhood education funding is a chance to make a huge difference in the futures of tens of thousands of New Mexico children. shared a link.
By Gwyneth Doland • News • Majority Leader Michael Sanchez, who controls the Senate floor calendar, told he has concerns about the proposals. He said lawmakers need to “look at this more carefully” than a 30-day session allows.
Only on 7: one Albuquerque City Councilor says UNM should be forced to pay for the cost of all the emergency calls made to campus... Christie Ileto explains just how much money we're talking about. What do you think? Should UNM pay?
Coming up on Action 7 News More in the Morning... A city councilor has a strong message for UNM. Why he says the university should pay the city hundreds of thousands! Plus... the landlord accused of shooting and killing two tenants is expected in court today. The question: is he competent to stand trial? And a woman with a 20-inch waist is showing off her curves. You've got to see it to believe it! Join us for the latest news, weather & traffic from now until 7am!
Tasha Taylor certainly was a little fighter when she was just 18 months old. The little girl survived 20 hours alone in the desert near Deming after being left there for dead there by her father Charlie Taylor.
Right now, the center is slotted to go up just off Interstate 25 outside of town, but residents said they want it in downtown Truth or Consequences.
The House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation directing every school superintendent in the state to work with parents and entire communities on anti-bullying policies.
The House unanimously passed a bill to put a stop to bullying in public schools. Lawmakers want to direct New Mexico schools, parents and communities to get involved in the anti-bullying policies. Let us know what you think about the bill and what you do to prevent bullying with your kids. We might feature your comment in Feedback 4 at 6!
Just back from Augustin Plains water grab hearing in front of the Office of the State Engineer(OSE). Augustin Plains Ranch (owned by an Italian billionaire) wants to appropriate more than 17 billion gallons annually near Datil, NM. NMELC represents 80+ Datil-area residents (many of whom were at the Socorro courthouse today) in their protest against the Ranch's application.

Last year, we asked the State Engineer to dismiss the application. Today, the OSE Hearing Officer heard oral arguments about whether or not the Ranch's application is legally acceptable under New Mexico's water law (we assert it is not.)

Some of today's arguments:

"A water rights application requires a specific use in a specific place. You can't check a box that says "Gosh, I'd like a lot of water so I can sell it some day."" - NMELC Attorney Bruce Frederick

"This application should never have been allowed to be filed. It has put people through a lot of heartburn and trouble. The State should have done its job and rejected it in the first place. The application should now be dismissed immediately." --Atty Sherry Tippett, for several ditch associations

"[The protestants'] concerns about place of use and not enough specificity in our application...are a little bit fanatical." -- John Draper, counsel for the Ranch

The Hearing Officer stated that he would write a recommendation on the case as soon as possible, and then send it to the State Engineer for a decision. If OSE does not dismiss the application, we will represent our clients in a hearing on the hydrological aspects of the case in the future.
The Legislature and a group of Democrats and minority voters are asking the state Supreme Court to overturn a plan for new House districts that was ordered by a district judge.
Fireworks Ban Fizzles. Suggest some alternate headlines for our latest blog post!
One of the governor’s top priorities was tabled in committee today – “dead” in the words of one senator – without a single Republican vote supporting the measure.

There was no movement on the long-overdue budget bill at the state legislature Tuesday.
Are you looking forward to the economic changes in 2012?
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- New Mexicos real estate market is bouncing back according to the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors. Tuesday, February 7, 2012.

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