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Monday, December 12, 2011

Local News

‎"Ciao & Yaateeh," from the Courmayeur Film Festival! The documentary "Hearing Radmilla" by Angela Webb was screened at this wonderful film festival in Courmayeur, Italy. It was a pleasure meeting all the great people in this town which is cradled by the majestic mountain, Mt. Blanc Mania. Ahe'hee' to Giorgio and his phenomenal team of the Courmayeur Film Festival for their hospitality and hard work in making this film festival welcoming & a success- Courma ROCKS!!! Greetings & much gratitude to my dear friends, David & beautiful Marina- it was nice to see you both & much ♥ to you! "Congratulation's" to all the winners...& many more blessings to you! Beautiful people, superb food, & great company- can't get any better than that! I will post photos on Monday (I forgot my camera cord). Have a safe & fun weekend. Love, light & blessings... Hozho.'
This Wednesday night presentation "How to make your own solar panels" Hope to see you there: 6PM 113 E. Logan, Gallup
A growing movement in community solar is a mosaic model. Non-profit and community groups pool resources, install solar on their building and enjoy the benefits into the future. We at Gallup Solar are looking into this model.
cleantechnica.comFollowing up on a popular post one week ago, on Solar Mosaic's unique community solar program, we shot the folks there some more questions asking for more details on a few things. 

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