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Friday, June 24, 2011

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The heat is definitely on fire crews throughout the Southwest this summer. After months of dry, windy weather, the risk of even more wildfires is growing exponentially. So far this year they have already been nearly 800 reported fires, which burned more than 640,000 acres and more than 100 structures. Ahead this week on NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS, insight and perspective on just how bad the outlook is for the next several months, plus the steps local and national officials are taking to keep the flames at bay. Plus, why fire officials can't ban fireworks this 4th of July, even if they wanted to. THE LINE panelists are ready to sound off on that reality, plus, the future of nuclear energy in the Land of Enchantment and the latest back and forth on the issue of voter fraud, on a show that is involved, informed and in-depth.


  1. IT would be good if you had kept live streaming. i love to listen Nepali FM online for news and songs

  2. Hi, Rachel Kaub is the new General Manager at KGLPfm. She's working on restoring live streaming and totally agrees with you.