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Monday, March 21, 2011

E-Waste and Paper Recycling Day - March 26

An Electronic-waste and Paper Recycling collection will take place from 9 a.m.
to 1 p.m., Saturday, March 26 at Castle Furniture, 1308 Metro Avenue in
Gallup. Albuquerque Recycling, Inc., the Community Pantry, and the McKinley
Citizens Recycling Council are sponsoring this spring recycling event for
residents of Gallup-McKinley County and surrounding areas.

Albuquerque Recycling, Inc. will accept the following electronics: computers,
laptop computers, computer accessories (keyboards, "mice"), monitors, copiers,
printers, fax machines, computer battery back-ups / UPS units, CRT monitors,
network equipment, scanners, cameras, modems, servers, phones, cell phones,
gaming systems, camera batteries, stereos, VCRs and satellite dishes, LCD TVs
and monitors. TVs will be taken for $10 and CRTs for $5. The disposal fee on
these items is to cover the labor intensive cost of removing highly toxic
materials. All other items are taken for free. For a complete list of
accepted electronics visit

The Community Pantry will be accepting the following paper materials:
Corrugated cardboard, Gray board (like cereal boxes), Card
stock, WHITE paper and WHITE shredded paper (NO staples, paper clips,
carbon, adhesives, or colored papers), Magazines, Catalogs, and Telephone
books. These materials will support the work of the Community Pantry to help
feed the hungry in our county.

For the disposal of all other items contact NWNM Regional Transfer Station /
Recycling Center on Hasler Valley Road (863-5776), City Solid Waste (863-1212)
or the McKinley Citizens' Recycling Council (722-5142).

Recycle to Reduce energy use and toxic emissions into our air, soil, and
. Recycle to Save our natural resources and landfill space. Recycle to
provide a healthier environment for future generations. For more information
contact Albuquerque Recycling 321.2827, The Community Pantry 726-8068, MCRC
722-5142, or Betsy Windisch, Recycling Coordinator 722-9257
- more -

About Albuquerque Recycling, Inc.Albuquerque Recycling, Inc., a New Mexico
company, accepts and recycles electronics in an environmentally safe manner.
ARI’s recycling facility is approved by the NM Environment Dept. and is
registered with the EPA. Albuquerque Recycling provides free hard drive data
destruction on all computers and copiers dropped off for recycling. About
Community PantryRecycle paper and cardboard to support the work of the
Community Pantry in feeding the hungry and homeless in McKinley County. Call
(505) 726-8068About McKinley Citizens’ Recycling Council (MCRC)
MCRC is a non-profit organization that promotes safe and responsible recycling
to save natural resources, reduce landfill space and provide a healthier
environment for future generations.

Albuquerque Recycling, Inc. is a certified and approved facility through the
NM Environmental Department. They are the only recycler in the Southwest that
separates CRT glass from TVs and monitors and process the glass per glass
manufacturer specifications. The glass is then sold to an Arizona
manufacturer and recycled. Computers are de-manufactured at the AR facility
and separated by species then sold to U.S. recyclers.

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