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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NM News

    By Gary King • Commentary • You may have heard that I recently brought a lawsuit against the federal Bureau of Reclamation because the agency unilaterally reclassified 65,000 acre feet of New Mexico water so that it could be made available for release to Texas.
  • The heroic actions of an illegal immigrant has sparked headlines across the country. Find our what Mayor Berry and Gov. Susana Martinez think about his actions on
    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Supporters from across the country are rallying behind an illegal immigrant who helped save a 6-year-old from a would-be kidnapper last week. Monday, August 22, 2011.
  • Really like this one. Click to view.
    Back in the heyday of the cowboy, the way the hat was creased said a lot about the person wearing it. You could take one look at a man’s hat, know he was a cattle-wrangler, was raised in Arkansas and the type of whiskey he drank. Well maybe not the last one,
  • We came across the blog which has some great tips for hiking in the Sandias. Hikes this time of year are spectacular; just watch out for afternoon rains. Where is your favorite place to hike in our area?
    New Mexico really does have some beautiful sunsets, and quite often when the day is ending the Sandia Mountains
  • Click 'LIKE' if you've purchased or plan to purchase some Hatch green chile this year.
    HATCH, N.M. -- Theres something growing in a field in Hatch that could launch a farmer into the record books. Monday, August 22, 2011.
  • So many Rio Grande Foundation Op-Eds, so little disclosure by the Journal ... until now! Sort of.
    After criticizing the Albuquerque Journal for failing to point out column writers’ connections to the conservative Rio Grande Foundation, it’s only fair to follow up by noting the effort editorial page editors made to clarify one writer’s RGF connection on the Journal’s Op-Ed page today (Aug. 22).

  • Santa Fe Reporter - Blogs
    Now that Best of Santa Fe 2011 (both of them) and some of the post-special-issue malaise have settled down a bit, welcome to Cut, Copy, Paste, SFR's new English language and copy-editing blog

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